About Snug Cooking

We love food

We are a bunch of foodies at heart, sharing recipes that have been passed down by our families over many generations.

Keeping tradition alive

Home is where the food is. At least, it was for me growing up. 

For many of us some of our fondest memories revolve around food. Whether you came home from school to a sandwich that only a mom could make or a dinner party with family where your gran made that unforgettable roast.

Many of our favourite meals, made by our families, use off the cuff techniques that they learnt from their parents, and their parents learnt it from theirs. These techniques and recipes have been passed down for generations and we still use them today as we prepare to usher in the next generation of little family chefs. 

But sadly not all of these recipes and techniques make it down to us as the current generation. My gran’s recipes are likely in a box somewhere and I might never be able to make her famous roast for my kids. 

So as Snug Cooking our mission is not simply to share recipes with our friends and family, but to preserve them so that our children can experience the joy of a delicious meal passed down by generations.


A South African focus

If you’re from outside of South Africa then you might find some of these recipes a bit strange. Many of our traditional recipes are South African and might use ingredients you aren’t familiar with, but that’s on purpose as we want to share our rich foodie culture with the rest of the world.

Some disclaimers

As much as we want to freely share this information we recognize that there are costs involved with keeping this website up and running. For this reason we might occasionally link out to affiliate products on Amazon and other providers. By buying these products you would be supporting us as we grow. There will however never be any fees or hidden costs associated with using this website as we value the user experience. 

Also be aware that we are not professional photographers and as a result do rely on stock photography from various providers to ensure we can visually showcase the ingredients and results. We pick photography that represents the food as closely as possible and will in time professionally photograph the recipes where we can.