5 cooking techniques to improve your dishes

June 4, 2021

If you’ve ever watched Masterchef and wondered what on earth a “Confit” is then you’re not alone. The chef world is full of jargon and we mere mortals often just stumble through the dark as we toast our sandwiches trying to make sense of it all. Luckily for you, we’re starting this new blog series where we share cooking techniques used by professional chefs to make food awesome. Here’s this month’s list of 5 cooking techniques to make your food better.

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Brining is simply the process of soaking meat in a salt solution before cooking, to keep the meat juicy and tender, just the way we like it. Brining is often used when cooking a roast chicken, smoked fish like snoek, or Christmas meats like gammon.


As humans, we loved carbs so much that we decided to coat our meat in them. Pane is the technique of using breadcrumbs, egg, and flour to coat meat or fish before either baking or frying it. It’s a popular technique for cooking chicken (especially breasts), fish with white meat (like hake), and just about everything else in the Southern United States.


Stuffing a chicken is not the only way to cook a bird like a pro. Many chefs might tie the legs of a chicken or duck together as part of the cooking process which helps the chicken cook evenly by compacting it. As an added bonus, it might also stop your stuffing from falling out, truly helping you cook one bird with two stones.


Maceration is the process of softening or breaking down food using a liquid or sugar. This softens the food and absorbs the taste of the liquid used. Maceration is a popular technique used with fruit and makes for great dessert or cake toppings.


Any foodie will know that fat is a key component of tastiness. This is ultimately why the French invented confit; the technique of cooking meat or fruit in sugar, grease, or its own fat. Confit duck is a classic example of the technique, where a leg of duck is cooked slowly in its own fat to maximise its flavour.

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