We are huge curry fans here at Snug Cooking, whether it’s something spicy or a side like naan. Digging into a warm curry on a cold winter day is the ultimate treat.

Butter Chicken Curry

Butter chicken is a classic Indian curry. This rich and creamy dish is an accessible curry to cook when you’re just starting out.

Garlic Naan Bread

We have shared a recipe for naan before, but there are just so many tasty ways to make it. This recipe is the result of our pursuit to create the perfect naan.

Naan Bread

A classic naan bread recipe, perfect for your home made curry.

Potato Curry

Comforting potato curry that’s a cost effective meal

Prawn Curry

Prawn Curry

A traditional South African red curry recipe with prawns, loads of garlic and garam masala spice.